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This section contains articles, medical blogs and opinions from the DermQuest Editorial Board for all dermatologists online. The section is divided into the following categories: Clinical Updates, Research Updates, Opinions on Practice Management (for dermatology advice relating to your practice), and articles on Surgery and Cosmetics.

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DRESS was proposed as an acronym for 'drug reaction (or rash) with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms' to provide a clearer definition to an uncommon and serious pattern of 'drug allergy' previously reported as 'drug hypersensitivity'.1

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Intralesional triamcinolone acetonide or injections of 5 fluoruracil have been mainstays of the management of hypertrophic and kelodial scars for decade.

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The term electrosurgery (radiofrequency surgery) refers to the passage of a high-frequency (radiofrequency) electrical current through the tissue in order to achieve a specific surgical effect such as cutting or coagulation.

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Historically, dermatologists dreamt of observing the fine structure of living skin, because conventional methods were based on histological analysis that allowed us to evaluate only a two-dimensional slice of a certain time point without time or space components. Furthermore, the morphology of skin components may be distorted as a result of the multiple fixation and staining steps. Now, dreams have come true using a novel imaging tool, two-photon microscopy (TPM), with which real-time imaging studies of both anatomic structures and cutaneous reactions are possible. In this article, the fine structures of living skin components, as well as some inflammatory reactions, will be shown as movies.


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