2013 Member Survey Results

2013 DermQuest User Survey
We would like to thank everyone who took part in our DermQuest Member Survey for 2013. We had an overwhelming response and are pleased with the results that have come out and would like to share some of the things we learned; 
  1. 78% of users confirmed that they found the information they required from DermQuest
  2. 90% of users agreed that DermQuest was easy and intuitive to use
  3. 74% of users agreed that they liked the design of DermQuest
  4. 84% of users agreed that the DermQuest image library is comprehensive and contains high quality images
  5. 82% of users said they would recommend DermQuest to their colleagues
  6. 40% of users said they visit DermQuest to keep up to date with the latest thinking and best practies in Dermatology
  7. 60% of users told us that they are a Senior Dermatological Consultant
  8. 79% of users agreed that registering to DermQuest was beneficial to the user 
  9. A total of 62% of users said it was important for there to be a mobile site of DermQuest
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